The Air Was Right Here The Whole Time


Ever since I can remember, I have sought out special places I can retreat to when I need to find peace. Those places have always be associated with water. The saltier the better. In early sobriety, those places became exponentially more important to me. Without booze as my “come up for air at the end […]

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You’re Never Too Old To Fear The Principal


I completely shocked myself this morning. While I have become increasingly vocal in sobriety, my voice still lives mostly in my writing. Unless, of course, I’m barking orders at my family. Or presenting strategy to clients. In groups of other parents, I tend to sponge up what everyone is saying, bite my tongue if I […]

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I Am Not Anonymous, But I Lead A Double Life

Photo by Kate Meyer, I AM NOT ANONYMOUS

Even though I abandoned my anonymity more than a year ago when I started using my real name to write about my recovery from alcoholism, I still struggle with my identity. Today, I celebrate 20 months of continuous sobriety. It has not been easy. Some days I’m on cruise control, not even thinking about having […]

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Beer in One Hand, Panic Button in the Other

Red panic button isolated on white background

I’m going to put some ugly stuff on here tonight because it’s still fresh and sometimes I think I make my recovery look too pretty. It’s not. Just so you know. But it’s mine. Recovery can be such a roller coaster. Even as I approach 600 days (sometimes I have to count – just to […]

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