Beer in One Hand, Panic Button in the Other

Red panic button isolated on white background

I’m going to put some ugly stuff on here tonight because it’s still fresh and sometimes I think I make my recovery look too pretty. It’s not. Just so you know. But it’s mine. Recovery can be such a roller coaster. Even as I approach 600 days (sometimes I have to count – just to […]

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Living One First Day of School at a Time


One day at a time. I say it often. I believe it. I trust it. But, just like a casual “I love you,” saying and writing “one day at a time” has simply become habit for me, a hashtag that definitely has meaning but isn’t necessarily meant every time it is used. I always mean […]

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How I Found Peace in a Shattered Coffee Mug


Monday morning, I broke my favorite coffee mug. It was a gift from my sister. Long before I got sober. As kids, she and I fought like crazy. Two girls who couldn’t have been more different. Today, I can’t imagine getting through life without her. We are indeed forever friends as was written on the […]

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