Eight Months and (Not) Counting

I’ve been so busy working and parenting and marriage-ing the past few weeks, I haven’t been inspired to make time for my blog or social media. I think about it all the time, but I continually fail to carve out time to dedicate to writing, finding new quotes and words of wisdom to share, reading others’ sober stories, participating in chats, etc.


In fact, it wasn’t until this morning when I was researching a social media glitch for a client that I realized exactly how long it’s been since I blogged. AND THAT TWO DAYS AGO I REACHED EIGHT MONTHS OF SOBRIETY!!!!! So, yay me. And, yay to sober peeps everywhere celebrating month after month of continued sobriety.

The anniversary came and went without me even noticing. What the what?! I’m trying to wrap my head around what that means. I knew the date was approaching – I made a mental note about 10 days ago. I knew I cared about it. Eight months is huge! My first attempt at sobriety fell just short of seven months.

I’m a little bit bummed. I could spend hours contemplating what this means. Am I cured? Will I never drink again? Blah, blah, blah. But, I’m going to go there.

I missed it because I am just flat out crazy busy. End of story. Drinking doesn’t factor into my daily routine. At all. Sobriety has gotten easy – dare I say it’s as habitual as drinking once was. I no longer struggle with it on a daily basis. I guess I’m just living. And, the good thing is I like it this way.

It’s nice not to have to count the days – they’re flying by way too quickly anyway. Seriously. How can it be October already?

But, it’s also nice to count the days. It’s a good reminder of how far we’ve come. The sobriety journey is not an easy one, so I am pausing, albeit belatedly and briefly, to reflect on the role alcohol once played in my life and to count my blessings, one by one, and to recommit to doing right by myself and those around me. I never want to forget where I used to be – it’s the only way to make sure I never go back there.

Nine months, here I come! But, who’s counting …


  1. I am having a similar experience. I recently reached 4 months and I’m finding myself spending less time reading blogs on line, and less time thinking about the whole thing, and more time just getting on with life.

    Yeah it’s good to count, and although I do not remember what my previous “record” for not drinking was, I am pretty sure that I’ve passed it by now. This time it’s different, because I do not feel like I’m missing out on my much. That said, I was in Budapest last weekend and had a strongish urge for a few beers, but had tea instead and the urge passed!

    Anyhow, congrats both on the 8 months, and even more on barely noticing it! That is progress, I would say.

  2. Hi Laura,

    Just discovered your blog- it’s great. I am just starting the non drinking journey, I am frightened, however it is inspiring to know at 8 months not drinking can actually go unnoticed for a period of time.


    Ps – congratulations!!

    1. Meg, thank you, and congratulations to you, too! It’s a crazy, scary journey for sure, but one I have found so rewarding and empowering. Reach out anytime. And, thanks for reading. Best luck!

  3. Awesome. Don’t forget to make yourself a priority in all the business. Sometimes early sobriety is a time of doing for ourselves, but we forget how important that is as it becomes “normal” and slide back.
    Remembering why we chose sobriety is always important. And so is celebrating!

    1. Anne, thank you! And, you’re so right. Coming up for air and making time for self care is huge. Don’t you worry – I make plenty of time for me – got my hair done yesterday, going on my walks. Taking care of me is my new normal. I read your comment while treating myself to a fun lunch!

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