Hello, Lurkers? Are You There?

Last week, a dear friend asked me if I might ever consider letting my blog readers post comments anonymously.


There I was. The girl who didn’t even use her real name for the first seven months of her blogging life. “Well, duh,” I thought. “Of course I would.” The required fields on my comment form aren’t stopping spammers anyway. Neither is the CAPTCHA code for that matter.

While I can’t stand the fact that so many of us feel the need to hide our true identities as we battle addiction, I was there once and people supported me. And, I don’t want to stifle important conversations that could be taking place.

So, I’ve removed the chains. Use your name if you want to. But, it’s no longer required. I’m so sorry for having shut you out for so long.

Will more people comment now? I have no idea. But, I  truly hope so. And, I promise to reply.


  1. Thank you Laura. I have been following this blog religiously and wanted you to know I am here. I lurk, but I learn. And admire you. Please keep writing because I want to keep lurking, and growing. You have friends out there that you don’t even know about. I am one of them.

  2. Hi. I’m here too. I am making a decision right now to make a change. i might be just like you. Actually I know I am. Don’t stop this blog

    1. You’re who I’m writing for! I truly believe there are many more like us out there. You’ve got this! Check in anytime you want! Looking forward to hearing about your progress!

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