How My Kids Changed My Life … And Saved It

In addition to the writing I do here on the blog, I am a contributor to the TODAY Show’s parenting community. The incredible editors issue regular “Challenges,” topics about which contributors are invited to write and share their experiences as parents.

12 weeks old

The most recent challenge was “Life Changes” focusing on how life changed when we became parents. Ironically, I posted my response on my son’s 12th birthday. Here is an excerpt from my article:

“As the kids grew older, I became increasingly incapable of taking challenges and failures in stride. Not just parenting situations. Everything. Instead of working through life’s basic trials and tribulations, rising above, and allowing experiences to empower me, I gave each and every one of them a chunk of control over me. I lost my sense of pride and value. Ultimately, everything in my life was bigger than me. I was overwhelmed all the time. I found solace and comfort in a glass of wine or two at the end of an especially tough day.

The glass or two a few times a week turned into a bottle at a time. The bottle turned into two bottles. Every night. The two bottles begged for an appetizer, just a beer or two. Over time, my own private happy hour began earlier and earlier.

My transition into a high functioning alcoholic took years. And, by the time I hit rock bottom just over two years ago, beer had begun to sometimes trump coffee in the morning and I was up to a six pack and two bottles of wine per day. At least.”

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  1. I appreciated this post very much as a sober father.
    It’s great to connect. I followed and liked and all that so I can keep up with your posts. I’ll also add your site to the blog roll on mine so your new posts will show up there. Find me at
    Hoping to connect and help spread the sober message!

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