Voice of Recovery: April

Name: April Duncan
Age: 36
Location: Chicago, IL, but I travel A LOT for work.
Recovery Date: June 8, 2016
Recovering From: Overdrinking Alcohol and Xanax Use, escaping reality
About April: I am a laugher, lover, and crier. I love to travel and eat new foods. I have goals in life like having children and a healthy marriage. I speak out about sobriety because I want people to know that life can be great without alcohol. #TEETOTALLYawesome is what I like to call my alcohol free life.
Website: Sober Up Buttercup
Instagram: @SoberUpButtercup
Twitter: @SoberUpButtrcup

Laura’s Note to April: Thank YOU, April. Thank you for recovering out loud. For what you write on your blog. For what you share with our recovery community. For participating in this special project. I appreciate you, too. So much love for you. XOXO

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